December 27th - 30th 2019 Accra, Ghana

Tourist Guide

Go beyond the festival and get into the heart of Ghana on your visit. We’ve partnered with award-winning travel startup, Tastemakers Africa, to give you the inside scoop on what to see and do while you’re in Accra for the festival. From turning up in the nation’s capital to one day escapes to soak in some history or sand and sun, we’ve got you covered on making you festival journey your best trip ever.

Discover Ghana

Ghana is the cultural heartbeat of West Africa with rich traditions, amazing food, and beautifully warm people. It’s been called Africa’s “Capital of Cool” and for good reason, a growing creative renaissance largely seen in art and music, its growing influence can be felt around the world. A trip to its capital, Accra, with its historic monuments, bustling markets, pounding musical basslines, and electric vibe is the best way to begin your journey into the country. Add a few more days to your trip to explore the Central Region, home to Cape Coast and Elmina Castles, relics of the transatlantic slave trade, or the Asante region of Kumasi where gold, kente, and a rich royal lineage dominate the culture, and even the majestic Volta region with rich landscapes from the lush lakeside of Africa’s largest manmade lake to the estuary and beaches of Ada, Ghana has something for everyone.

Accra City Guide

From the best rooftop bars to pop champagne with a view to the best places to find local eats, our city guide helps you unlock Accra while you are in town. Hand-picked by our local community of insiders, each recommendation has you in mind.

Featured Experiences

Do something epic in Accra. Learn to make traditional fabric, get a lesson in Afrobeats beat-making, or dine on a mat with a Fulani chef. In as little as two hours you can have an immersive, authentic moment that levels up your festival trip. Each experience is hosted by a local creative entrepreneur who is an influencer in their own right. Access all of our hand-picked local experiences and book them before your travel to lock in your favorites.

Taste Makers Africa

TASTEMAKERS AFRICA is an online platform that connects you to experiences hosted and created by local insiders in Accra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. Visit to access 100+ day tours, events, and group trips that take you inside Africa’s cities, authentically. Tastemakers focuses on the “sexy, dope side of Africa” and has been featured in Vogue, Conde Nast Traveller, Travel + Leisure, and more for its innovative work to disrupt the narrative on Africa one experience at a time.

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